Dyeing & Finishing Machinery

It is welded by edge-beam auto-welding system. This welding system is with longitudinal & cycle all-in-one equipment. It is suitable for the welding of big diameter welding pipe, tank’s longitudinal seam welding, circle seam welding, joined-plate welding. It is applicable for many kinds of nonferrous metals , such as stainless steel/Ti/Al  etc., Diameter is ranged from 273mm-2500mm and with thickness range of 2mm-20mm. It is widely used for different kinds of areas, such as pressure vessels, dyeing & finishing machinery, food machinery, environment-protection and pharmacy, petrochemical engineering, shipbuilding industry, aviation industry, nuclear industry, car-made, etc.

This welding system adopts the plasma welding in one face but could be shaped up in double faces. It could reach to high quality welding, perfect shape, stable quality and seldom welding deformation.

 When the plate thickness is more than 8mm, V-shape beveling should be proceeded, and then adopt plasma-welding render, and then plus wire capping by TIG welding or SAW capping.

We could provide the workpiece for 6m, 9m, 12m.

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