Stainless Steel Pipe Fabrication

These pipes are fabricated by Pipe-line Auto-welding System.

This system is ganged with pipe-making machine. It could be matched with many kinds of configuration depending on necessary.

1、 P+T: For fist shot, plasma will be adopted for bottoming permeate to make the welding seam to be one average straight line (One shot could pass through 8mm or bellowing thickness plate). For second shot, TIG welding machine will be used for repairing to make the welding surface smooth without sidewall undercut.

2、 T+P+T: First shot is to preheat with TIG welding, second shot is to use plasma permeate welding and the third shot is to repair by using TIG welding, or adding  welding-wire moderately to make external welding seam surface-shaped beautiful. This system is suitable for 1.8mm-12mm thickness SS pipe fabrication line.

3、 T+T+T: By adopting muti-negative pole welding technology, set up 3 are welding spot on welding fabrication line, welding speed will be improved by calories overlap. First shot have arc-swing function, it could effectively remove oil and impurity and to pre-heat for work-piece. Send shot is for permeate welding and the third shot is to repair. This could effectively avoid causing mixing/pore/sand-hole etc. It is widely used into the welding for food- sanitary grade tube/heat-exchange tube/condenser tube and Ti Tube

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